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Our Difference: Unique Treatment Planning Protocol

Imagine for a moment, you’re a bride preparing for your wedding day, and you’ve hired someone to design a custom-made wedding dress for your special day. But to your shock and dismay, the designer simply asks you for your body measurements and what colour you want the dress, then gets to work making your dress. In fact, the first time you ever see your wedding dress is on the big day, just hours before you’re due to walk down the aisle.

You would be outraged, and rightfully so.

It only makes sense that a wedding dress designer should meet you in person, talk to you about what you like and dislike in a wedding dress, and take lots of photos and measurements to ensure they understand your unique body and vision for your wedding dress.

The crazy thing is

This is often how cosmetic dentistry is done.

  1. The dentist makes a model, or copy, of your teeth.
  2. They send that model off to a dental laboratory, which could be anywhere in the world, along with the chosen colour of your new teeth.
  3. A dental technician then uses this model of your current teeth to create the final shape and colour of your new teeth… without ever meeting you, without ever seeing a photo of your face, and without discussing with you what you want your new teeth to look like.
  4. Often, the first time you see what your new teeth are going to look like is after they’ve been glued on, when the dentist hands you a mirror at the end of the appointment.

Here at Smile Creative, we believe communication and planning is the key to the best possible outcomes!

Our Process


We have an in depth discussion with you so that we understand your story and what you would like to achieve, and we take detailed diagnostic images, video, x-rays and 3D scans to ensure we have all the information we need to design a smile that truly suits you.


We collaborate with laboratory technicians and master ceramists who also analyse your photos, videos, x-rays and 3D scans before creating your new teeth.


We show you what your new teeth will look like in your mouth with a Smile Test Drive that lets you literally wear your new smile before any treatment is done. If you’d like any changes, you can let us know before treatment, which allows us to make any necessary modifications and empowers you to have confidence in the direction we’re headed.


After co-authoring your new smile and listening to what you want, we transform your smile.

Introducing our Unique

Smile Test Drive Experience

The smile test drive is a unique experience we offer to our patients, where you get to literally wear a Test Drive of your new smile, temporarily attached over the top of your existing teeth…”

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