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Whiten Teeth With Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is vastly different from the over-the-counter tooth whitening products you can buy from a chemist.

The bleaching agent must be used in a higher dose to achieve noticeable, long-lasting whitening results. However, over-the-counter products are legally required to lower the dose, which limits their effectiveness. Plus, when the tooth whitening trays are not customised to your mouth, the solution can leak out onto your gums and lead to sensitivity.

Professional teeth whitening is available at Smile Creative.

Unlike store-bought alternatives, professional take-home whitening is performed using trays which are custom designed to fit your mouth (which reduces the risk of damaging your gums), and contains higher doses of the bleaching agent which is necessary to actually whiten your teeth.

5 biggest mistakes people make when whitening their teeth

  • An absence of a dental health check before treatment could result in damage to your teeth and gums.

    Only a qualified dentist, like the team at Smile Creative, can make sure you are not putting the health of your teeth at risk by ensuring your mouth is healthy before you start treatment.

  • People do not get existing fillings and crowns checked to make sure the colours would match after whitening.

    Professional advice before you start treatment is essential to make sure you are fully aware of how the end result may look and you can plan to have teeth with fillings or crowns treated afterwards accordingly.

  • People do not use whitening products that contain the correct amount of peroxide to whiten their teeth.

    Smile Creative uses the latest accredited whitening gels that use the legally safe amount of peroxide gel.

  • Poorly fitting trays not made at a dentist may result in unpredictable results.

    Smile Creative uses high quality dental laboratories to make our bespoke whitening trays. The better fitting the tray the more predictable the result.

What problems can professional teeth whitening solve?

Teeth whitening is suitable to help patients with slightly discoloured or stained teeth. Not all staining and discolouration can be fixed using teeth whitening, so depending on your unique situation we may discuss other options that are suitable to your needs.

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